Tuesday, February 11, 2020

How does Plantinga argue for the claim that belief in God might be Essay

How does Plantinga argue for the claim that belief in God might be properly basic Do you think his argument is good Do you think that the conclusion of his argument is true - Essay Example American analytical philosopher Alvin Carl Plantinga has also added some new dimensions to thoughts about rationality of belief in God by proposing the argument that belief in God is properly basic and needs to justification and evidenced from the other beliefs (Attridge, 2009). Plantinga divulged his philosophical views regarding belief in God and proposed his claim that the belief in God used to be properly basic depending upon the circumstances being faced by the individuals. He argues that there are certain circumstance when the belief in God in properly basic because certain circumstances compel the individuals to build faith upon certain things about God even if they do not find any support and reasons for those things from their other existing beliefs (Oppy and Scott, 2010). Plantinga referred to the classical thought that asserts that belief in God is always held in connection with other beliefs. He opposed this classical thought about the dependency of belief in God upon some evidences from other beliefs and claims that it is not always necessary because people do believe upon many things about God that are not verified and asserted by their other beliefs. He argues that believing in God does not require any argument. He made his claim in his article "Reformed Objection to Natural Theology" published in 1981. After the publication of this article there was strong wave of criticism and opposition was provoked especially from the philosophers having firm belief upon the arguments made by the classical philosophy. Through his claim and argument Plantinga has contributed to the epistemology called reformed epistemology in which he argues that the justification about the belief in God is not dependent upon evidence but it is properly basic and could be held regardless of other belief’s support to it. The argument poses by Plantinga has

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