Saturday, December 21, 2019

Television Series And The Telltale Episodic Game Under The...

154.101 Introduction to Media Studies We are told stories throughout of life times. These stories can appear in many separate mediums as self contained narratives, however there are many stories which may be told/expanded on in different mediums. This is Transmedia Storytelling. A Transmedia narrative is one in which elements of a story are expressed across a range of different mediums in a way that creates a unified entertainment experience. On top of this dispersal of a narrative, each medium’s contribution to the overall narrative should incorporate elements of story telling the are specific to that medium. In order to fully understand the reasons behind making a Tansmedia Narrative it is useful to explore and analysis an existing Transmedia storyworld. The case study for this essay is Game of Thrones. Specifically the television series and the Telltale episodic game under the same name. When comparing how the different mediums explore the overarching storyworld we must look at the fabula (the story in chronological order), the syuzhet (the order and way in which the story is told), focalisation (whose point of view the story is told), medium specificity and the audience labour. The basic narrative that is taking place within the storyworld of Game of Thrones is of several noble families fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros. This is the story or the fabula. What is important is the way in which this story is told, they way events are orderedShow MoreRelatedMovie Review : The Game 1912 Words   |  8 PagesI’ve avoided covering episodic content on this show for a long time. Mostly it was because, as someone interested in a game’s themes and ideas I wanted to be able to speak with some authority on what â€Å"The Game† is about in its entirety. And it’s hard to talk about that sort of stuff when you only have â…• of the game in front of you. But after years of watching episodic content come and go – and after not being able to cover some really great stuff like Kentucky Route Zero – I’ve reconsidered.

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