Thursday, November 21, 2019


OUTLINE ON ARAB AMERICANS AND JEWISH AMERICANS - Assignment Example migrating to the United States during the 19th century because of two major reasons that I have identified (Caught in the Crossfire: Arab Americans | PBS, n.d.). First of all, like all the other ethnic groups that went to the United States, Arab Americans came seeking for better opportunities. This was caused because of the wars and economic hardships in some Arab countries specifically two major crippling blows: the opening of the Suez Canal that slanted world traffic from Syria to Egypt that made other competitors in the silk industry have easy access in competing with the Lebanese silk industry; and when the Lebanese vineyards were invaded by phylloxera. iii.Another reason for Arab American’s emigration would be personal advancement. This is especially because they were experiencing religious persecutions, and the lack of political and civil freedom because of the oppressive Ottoman regime (NITLE Arab World Project, n.d.). ii. To be able to escape persecution. They first arrived in New Amsterdam, a Dutch-owned colony then without any Jewish community. At first, they were refused admission because they were seen to be the blasphemers of Christ until they were able to prove that they are loyal and economically productive residents that they were welcomed to live and work in New Amsterdam (The Jewish Americans. Jewish Life in America | PBS. n.d.). For Arab Americans, they established the American- Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee which is responsible for defending rights of people of Arab descent and promote their cultural heritage even when they are in a foreign country (About Us - American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. n.d.). Aside from that, the Arab American Institute, which is a non-profit organization, was created to encourage the direct participation of Arab Americans in political and civic life in the United States (About the Institute | The Arab American Institute. n.d.). For the Jewish Americans, the â€Å"Jewish American Heritage Month† now

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